Monday, June 01, 2009

Evolve or die they say, so MyFordDreams is evolving, getting into the 21st century

In April of 2005 when I started blogging MyFordDreams I was barely computer literate.
I knew how to turn it on and type ( if not well ) and not much more. Look at that filthy old monitor at it's "huge" 15" screen and it must have weighed close to 50 lbs. And over the years I learned a lot, some things that today many people take for granted, and I shared that learning process on my blog. I would post so that other would be bloggers would have an easier time learning to post pictures and links and videos. I highlighted free services and just some basic stuff. All of that is way back in the archives of MyFordDreams Classic . But I never seem to stay ahead of the curve. Unlike many bloggers, I have no background in Publishing, Web Design or Computers ( in any way). Like an old time boxer I went in face first and took the hits.
But like Darwin may have said, you evolve or you die. So, today I'm doing several "Social Networking" efforts, including Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
I've got my own Domain name and even with the graying of the beard I'm still learning.
If you're part of any of these networks look me up and I promise I won't cyberstalk you.

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