Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If FoMoCo wants of vehicles I'd like to drive next, here it is

Number 1 on the list is the new Fusion Hybrid. I'd love to see how the transition from electric to gasoline power is and if the batteries added weight upset the handling. Having never been a fan of the "Dave" look, I have to say the new Fusion's muscular flanks do impress me. So, if anyone at FoMoCo could arrange for MFD to drive this, send me an email myforddreams@aol.com
Number 2 is the Tranist Connect. Not a van fan here, but having driven commercial vehicles of various sizes over the years I'd like to see how real world useful this is. I'd also be interested in the power or lack of it with the 2.0 and automatic trans. In Europe this come with a torquey Diesel and manual transmission, but since I've walked around the Transit Connect at the New York Auto Show, I could guess that the Focus powertrain should be enough. I'm waiting for these to start popping up in Taxi fleets, the 22/24 mpg rating makes that a near no brainer to me.

You knew the Fiesta would be on the list. Do I need to remind you why? No, I didn't think so. This is probabl going to be my next new car.

And I'd love to test a new Taurus, a SHO would be nice, but even the 268 hp model would be acceptable. In my opinion, the Taurus seems to have outgrown it's midsize roots. As a former Crown Victoria owner I'd love to see how this fills those shoes as Ford's new Full Size sedan.
So, if anyone at Ford could contact me, I'd really love to have the Fiesta for my week in Cape Cod.

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RaceDriven said...

I have to say when I look at Ford's lineup including Lincoln and Mercury, there are three vehicles that if I where in the market for one, I would buy, first would be the Ford Fusion Hybrid (the Mercury Milan looks good too), second, the Ford Fiesta which looks good, and third the Ford Escape (not sure about the hybrid) and a wildcard for second car would be a Ford Mustang or Shelby, I love Mustangs.