Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remember the idiot? All the buzz when his Fiesta was "stolen" but not a peep now?

Just about a month ago there was a tweet from Fiesta Movement's Brooklyn Agent saying his car was stolen. The net was abuzz, blogs updated as the car was "sighted" either on it's way to Boston or being driven around Washington D.C. Scott Monty, Ford's Social Networking guru was sending updates to Jalpnik and others and even I was intrigued. What about the GPS tracking system? How hard could it be to find a purple Ford Fiesta with pink spots?

And then we found out it wasn't stolen, the idiot had just parked illegally and the car was towed away. And then there were posts by said idiot saying he found the car in an impound lot, but the NYPD wouldn't give it up, He even took photos of it in the lot. So, how did this soap opera end?

No tweets from Scott Monty, no updates on the major blogs, nothing I could find on Google or any other site. So, reluctantly I checked the idiot's webpage and it seems that back on May 29th he did what seems to be his last Fiesta Movement post. Yes the car was stolen, no the NYPD were not conspiring against him or incompitent or evil. The idiot had given them the wrong plate number. And that's why the Fiesta didn't show up on their system. But he got the car back on May 29th, without any mass protest or spontanious party at the impound lot. No fan fare, no muss no fuss, the idiot got the car back.

Now, I should point out that when I say he posted his last Fiesta Movement post, I don't know if he's out of the program, I just mean that I endured scanning through his site and can't find anything related to the Fiesta or Movement since May 29th.

I know the Movement's agents are supposed to be trendy, hip, internet savy folks who at the same time generate buzz for themselves and by extension the Fiestas, but why not even a whimper about how this resolved itself? Could it be that when it was "stolen" it was buzzworthy, but when the agent is an idiot it's not?

I debated posting a link to him or his video and I decided he's too stupid for that and I'm just not that nice.

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