Monday, June 08, 2009

Pickup Trucks.Com has story on EcoBoost +! Bobcat?

So, I'm looking at Twitter and I see a post from, when I see Ford and Bobcat in the same sentence. You know my mind went into all sorts of spasms. My love of all things FoMoCo, small and quirky was pumping adrenaline and causing a blood sugar crash.
And while I ( and probably only I ) would love to see the resurection of the Bobcat, it was actually better news.
More FoMoCo "green" initiatives. There's been so much to salivate coming from FoMoCo lately that it's easy to forget that crosstown rivals are slashing and burning their way through bankruptcy. Hybrid Fusions, Fiesta Movement, new Focus and possible new Ranger, what more could be coming? We're hearing names like EcoBoost, Coyote V-8 and Scorpion Diesel, it's like overload.

Anyone could tell that I think the EcoBoost program is a winner. Smaller more fuel efficient engines with big engine power! But how do you improve on this? They call it Bobcat, I think of it as EcoBoost + or maybe even EcoBoost for the big boys.

Pickup Trucks . Com has a very thorough explination of the entire thing, linked in title, but basically it's an old racer's trick updated and made green. Ethanol injection added to the EcoBoost system. Well, not pure Ethanol, the more elusive E-85. I've been a critic of the whole Flex Fuel E-85 thing for a while. It's nice to have a Flex Fuel badge on your car or truck, but since the fuel isn't available everywhere it seemed to be more of a public relations and EPA loophole thing than something the average consumer could appreciate.

But, E-85 is going to become more available and FoMoCo is developing this system for the larger end of their lineup, full size trucks and SUVs. It will be cleaner than Diesel and with the E-85 injection have comparable power ( torque ). Click on over to and read it for yourself. I'm going to do a little dance here.

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