Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CNN Money gives credit where it's due, profile of Mulally

CNN Money has a profile piece on Alan Mulally and his work at FoMoCo that finally gives credit where it's due. And before I start gushing about Ford's CEO, I will admit that I've been very tough on these two since I started blogging in 2005. Some of the less kind things I've said over the years are "This is no way to run an airline" and I regret to admit calling Bill Ford a weasel.
Over the last year they've redeemed themselves in my eyes, not that they've lost sleep about my comments, but I'm sure they're sleeping better than the heads of crosstown competitors GM & Chrysler. And I promise not to call Bill Ford a weasel anymore, really.
With all the doomsday predictions this piece at least recognizes Mulally's efforts and accomplishments.

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Cat said...

Little Billy Ford is a weasel - he almost ruined the company twice, left them without product plans for years, and in a crushing debt. Which despite all the good news is only partly paid off. He thought he could run a company and he ran it into the ground. The only good decision is one he made under the pressure of the rest of The Family - to step out of the way and setup an executive search committee. Mullaly is the result and he couldn't be better.