Friday, June 26, 2009

From Top of the line to Bottom of the range, FoMoCo goes after tech savy buyers who want quality. From MKT to Fiesta with Sync and more

As you probably know, I attended a meet and greet with Lincoln Engineers and marketing people yesterday and test drove the new MKT ( review to come later ) and MKZ. And these are two well fitted vehicles, tech goodies out the wazoo. Both cars featured a great blind sport warning system, the MKT has parking assist and of course there are the THX audio and Sync technology integration system, version 3.0 was installed on both the Lincolns I drove. And I will remind you that if you already have a Sync equipped FoMoCo vehicle, fear not, free downloads are available. These are the type of tech gadgets you'd expect on top of the range flagship models. And then it dawned on me, I know I'm slow, but Ford Lincolln and Mercury models across the range are available with some of the best technology available on wheels. Even the lower range cars. The Focus currently has Sync, the Fusion, Taurus, Flex, Edge and on and on until you get to........
Even the Fiesta will have Sync. And not just Sync, but even the lower end models will be tech heavy. And from what I saw when I sat in one at the New York Auto Show, this will not be the crap boxes of yesteryear.
I'll come back to this topic over the weekend, I want to look into more of the amazing tech available.
Update, video from Ford on YouTube showing some of the neat technology

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