Thursday, June 11, 2009

80 MPG Ford S-Max? US know how UK Engineering global greenness?

A California company, Capstone Turbine Inc. , worked with a UK company, Langford Performance Engineering , to install their C-30 Micro Turbine into a Ford S-Max and it achieves 80 mpg! They call it the Whisper Eco-Logic, here's how they describ it "The design characteristics of Capstone's turbine permits ultra low emissions, high fuel economy, multi fuel capability, no coolants or lubricating oil, and little to no maintenance in an automotive application"

It's a Plug In Hybrid, that uses the gas turbine to recharge the batteries and they in turn power the electic motors. An amazing bit of engineering that seems to be done apart from Ford Motor Company. Capstone is looking to bring this technology to the US. But since the S-Max isn't ready to come to these shores, I wonder how this system would fit in the Transit Connect?

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