Thursday, June 04, 2009

4 of the top 20 selling vehicles in May are Fords! The Car Connection has the entire list

#1 Ford f-150 shouldn't be a real shock to anyone, the F series truck has been one of the best selling vehicles in the world for 26 or more years. And with a nice update of a great truck it's topped the list.
And new product sells, so the Fusion which was already popular is again an easy call.

The one that sort of raised my eyebrows was the Escape. Sure, it's recieved a recent update and it's a solid performer, but with other cute utes in it's class receiving major overhauls and the Escape' blocky styling, I was surprised that Escape was higher on the list than CRV or Rav4.

And although I've been critical of the US Focus, here it is also in the top 20.
Well, it's styling is fresh and with features like SYNC it's got appeal. But I'm sure the 34 mpg and relatively low price don't hurt.

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