Friday, June 05, 2009

If I soud like a cheerleader for Ford sometimes, dig deeper

I realise that recently I've sounded quite a bit like a cheerleader for Ford Motor Company, but you should dig deeper if you think I'm just parroting good news. I've been a major critic as well.
But there's been a lot of good praiseworthy news about Ford lately.
I was going to post a snapshot of myself here, but then I saw just how gray the beard is getting. So, I took a page out of Bob Schultie's book and posted the above. Well, Bob probably gone for something with a bit of cleavage, but we at MFD try and keep it PG.
MyFordDreams has always been my personal blog where I discuss Ford Motor Company, history, global products and where I think the company can do better in the United States.
You need dig no deeper than MyFordDreams Classic to see I've given the company a tough time on many ocassions. I've griped about the latest Focus and why we should have gotten the same Focus the rest of the world has. There have been endless rants about the poor Ford Ranger, how FoMoCo let it deteriorate to near the point of extinction. I've been critcised for my rants on no IRS for the 2005 and forward Mustang.
Most famously I've stated that there were certain Fords I just wouldn't buy. Lets not forget that in 2006 I bought a Mazda 3 and even test drove the Dodge Caliber, rather than even look at the 06 Focus. I'm not a huge fan of Ford's naming scheme of the last decade, the "F-Bomb" pieces I've doen and the "E-Bombs" too. I've lamented on previous Lincoln offerings and Ford's over reliance on big SUVs and Full Size truck sales. I've pulled out the soap box on what I consider the waste of NASCAR.
So, I if I sound like a cheerleader lately, you'll have to realise just how far Ford has come and how far they're going in the future to understand the praise. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to rant on the Dave vs Kinetic design and the continued lack of IRS for the Mustang, and have no doubt I will, but just giving credit where credit is due.

Kudos for Fusion ( especially Hybrid) EcoBoost, Fiesta and upcoming Focus. I'm waiting for the Kuga ( rumored to replace the Escape) and Ranger.

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