Friday, June 05, 2009

Emunds' list of cool European cars we can't buy seems to be missing some, here goes...

So, Edmunds Daily has a list of 3 cool European cars we don't get and you know I had to respond.
Top of my list? The Ford Kuga! This cute ute from Europe is rumored to be coming here as the replacement for the Escape. If that's not true, bring it as a standalone Mercury, but bring it here soon! I'll take mine in this blue, with the 6 speed manual and a 2.o EcoBoost.
How did they miss the world class Mondeo? Good enough for James Bond but not us?

And while they rightfully point to the European Focus RS and it's 300 hp, I say why not the Focus CC convertible coupe. The closest we get to this here is the Volvo C-70.
But with 4 years of blogging about what great foreign Fords we don't get I guess I'm being too tough on Edmunds.

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