Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lots of Diesel talk on Autoline After Hours gets me thinking..

So, I'm watching Autoline After Hours online tonight and there's tons of Diesel talk! And anyone who's read my blog over the years will know I love the idea of Diesels. For several reasons.

First is the superior fuel efficiency offered by Diesel. The flatter torque curves don't hurt either.

But the main reason I love the idea of Diesel is the oportunities they offer of Energy Independence.
If we ever want to withdraw from our addiction to foreign oil, Diesel is both the short term answer and in a way the long term answer also. Diesels get roughly 25% better fuel economy, which will reduce how much oil we'll use. But the better answer is this, Diesel Engines were originally designed to run on Peanut oil. Therefore, the future will be improved Bio-Diesel.

One question during Rapid Fire, was what Diesel vehicle the panel would want here.
I'm not on the panel, but my answer is this, give me a Ford Mondeo 5 door liftback or estate, I'll take the 2.0 TDI with a 6 spd manual.

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