Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Zuper Zoom" how you say Zoom Zoom Zoom in Oman

A quick plug for Google, which makes all of this possible, litterally. Blogger is owned by Google, I use Google Image search for many of the images on my blog and some of the posts like this are inspired by Google Alerts I recieve via e-mail.
So today I find this piece (linked in title) in the Times of Oman about Zuper Zoom, a roadshow of Mazda products scheduled to set up shop at 8 locations around the sultanate. I guess Zuper Zoom is how they say Zoom Zoom in Oman.
Oman is an oil rich country just a hop across the Gulf from Iran. And I guess they want to get a little bang for their oil bucks, so the local Mazda outlet has set this up. Now I'm assuming that Oman is ,like it's neighbors , a Muslim country. So I was amused to read that they were going to hilight Mazda culture. I can just see the big posters with western looking men and women pulling surfboards from the top of their Tribute, or a young couple driving with their MX-5's top down. And of course the local women will be covered from head to toe in black with just a little slit for their eyes.
But then again, in many Muslim countries women aren't allowed to drive. Hell in some places they aren't allowed to be out without a male family member escorting them. So I guess it will just be the guys oggling the cars and the posters.

What can I say, it's a quiet day for me.

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