Friday, May 19, 2006

Aren't we changing our driving habits because of fuel prices?

A lot of recent reports online and in the mainstream media are saying that despite the rising cost of gasoline people don't seem to be changing their driving habits. And I was discussing this with one of my co-workers. Well we both agree that's bunk. I mean I changed what kind of car I was going to buy, because of the fuel price increases. And both of us have switched to more economical cars to commute to work in.

We can't be the only ones. My friend also drives a V6 compact truck and switched to his other car the PT Cruiser pictured here. I'm sure many people are taking fuel prices into considration while deciding what new car to buy. It's easy for urbanites to change their "driving habits," all they have to do is not take that country drive on the weekend. But for many of us, you have to do the same driving all the time, going to work or food shopping. The difference is what we will drive.

I'm considering vacation options, and most are driving vacations. Why if gasoline prices are rising? Well simple, because air fares are rising also. So while the press doesn't see the change, I'm sure it's there. Besides, what do most of these journalist or pundits know about everyday life, being isolated in mostly urban lives. Middle America or even suburban New York needs to drive, it's not an option. The option will be what we drive.


Shawn said...

No change I can see. I get on any Jersey highway, and it is the same high speed aggressive driving like always.

Big Ford Fan said...

Well now you've hit upon another factor, "How we drive" and I'm not sure those habits are as easy to change. I have to admit that since I've started driving my new 3, I've been heavy footing it quite a bit. Therefore I'm not achieving the 32 mpg on the highway. But once the novelty has worn off, and the car is broken in, but hopefully not broken, I'll start to drive normally and achieve closer to rated MPG.

It's been my experience, that people I know are now looking at smaller more efficient cars, and leaving their trucks or larger cars in the driveway. Now to be honest, I'm seeing a very small sample of the population. But at home we were commuting in a Ranger and a Rodeo, and now we're doing it in a Civic and 3. Also the crew that I work with have all left their trucks at home and started driving; 3,PT Cruiser and Focus instead of Ranger, Tacoma and Ranger. Those that have the ability are changing what they drive. I really feel sorry for some of the people I know that have no options, but their full size SUVs.

Richthofen said...

I've got a little scooter that gets 140 MPG. Weather permiting, I take the scooter to work most days now & leave the 'Benz parked in my driveway.

Most of my coworkers have made similar changes, driving their eco cars or motorcycles daily & leaving their larger vehicles parked.

Big Ford Fan said...

Richthofen, I'm impressed with 140 mpg, but not a fan of 2 wheelers. It's a long story, but lost a family friend in a terrible accident and just don't feel safe around them.

I checked out your blog, interesting, will have to check back again.