Monday, May 01, 2006

My C-1, why can't it have a blue oval on it?

So, as I get closer to being a Mazda owner, I'm asking again, why can't I get this car with a Blue Oval badge on it? If all goes well, I'll be picking up my new Mazda 3 five door hatch this week. And although I could have bought a Focus with similar equipment for a couple of thousand less I just couldn't do it, no matter how good the discounts are.
I mean, this is the car I really want, the Ford Focus that the rest of the world gets, the C-1 Focus. But if I want it here in the US, I have to buy the Mazda. The reasons I had heard all involved cost of production and price point. But since I'm willing to pay thousands more for the Mazda, I'm not convinced others wouldn't pay a slightly higher price for the updated Focus.

I was talking to my nephew yesterday, and when I told him I was buying a Mazda3, he thought it was the Speed3. He actually sounded disapointed that I hadn't popped for the extra 90 hp. But as I've said before, my "Boyracer" days are over.

Ford needs to bring the C1 based Focus to the United States and quick. Not that the older Focus isn't a good car, but the C1 is a great car. I've linked again to the petition online asking for to do just that, in the title.

I took a test drive on Saturday in the Mazda3, and every surface feels of quality materials, and the ride and handling were outstanding. Power isn't supercar level, but 160 hp is just 10 shy or my Ranger's 170, and more than enough for average driving. I can't wait for my first road trip in the new car. There are more electronic features than I ever thought I would buy or ever expect at this price level. Just a quick list; Zenon headlights, Auto A/C, headlights and wipers, heated leather seats and a really loud (but clear) Bose stereo.

So if Mazda can sell this loaded C1 here in the US, why can't Ford?????

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