Monday, May 22, 2006

You're going to ask what's the Ford connection, but be patient

You're probably saying what's going on Joe? Why is there a picture of a VW Vanagon on MyFordDreams ? Well I received an interesting E-mail today from Jim over at Bostig Engineering. It seems that Jim's company has engineered an engine swap for the Swiss Army Knife on wheels.
Using a 2.0 Ford Zetec to give the Vanagon more usable power. Jim wrote me and I checked his site (linked in title) " I run a little company here in Boston. It's a little odd, but since you're a ford guy you might like it. We put the venerable zetec 2.0L into 83-91 VW vanagons. Check it out... " The Ford's 130 stock hp are a huge advantage over the Stock boxer's 67-91 hp (as per the Wiki link above) and with the aftermarket parts it's conceivable to put closer to 200 hp to the wheels.

Thanks to Jim for writing, if anyone else has a Ford connected web site, let me know and I'll post on it.

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