Tuesday, May 16, 2006

With all the internet buzz about the Polo GTI, I figured why not the Fiesta ST150??

I've been seeing the VW Polo GTI all over the web today, Jalopnik and AutoBlog among others. And everyone seems to be drooling over the Golf GTI's little brother, with it's 150 hp, sporty handling and styling. So what's a Ford guy supposed to do? Well, if they live in Europe they can be content that Ford hasn't forgotten them. They have the Fiesta ST 150, a direct competitor for the Polo GTI, with 150 hp!!
I know 150 hp doesn't sound like a lot, but consider the smaller car gets 40 mpg and seats 4 adults. Hell my Mazda3 has 160 hp and is considerably larger, but still seems quick and sporty. So 150 hp in this lighter more nimble package would be a respectable daily driver. And you have to love the LeMans stripes on these two examples here.
It's no Reflex, but it could be! I know, another shameless Reflex plug. But seriously, take the Fiesta ST's underpinnings and give them to this Reflex body, and you'd have one sweet Scion anihalator here. The Fiesta is a capable chassis with plenty of aftermarket support for go fast goodies.
Take a look at this German Fiesta with it's Eibach suspension and larger wheels and rubber. Now just dream of 140 mph and 40 mpg, well ok you won't get 40 mpg at 140 mph, but how often does the average driver hit tripple digit speeds? So screw the Polo GTI, give me the Fiesta/Reflex ST. Who says Ford couldn't build exciting cars if they wanted to? They do around the world, it's just us poor Americans (and Canadians) who are left to suffer.

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