Thursday, May 18, 2006

No shock, Ford dealers charging premiums for GT500

Is it any surprise that when Ford dealers finally have a car that customers would give their left arm for, that they demand the left leg also? Before the Mustang GT500 is even delivered dealers are charging premiums over sticker price. I recall that when at the New York Auto Show last month, I spoke to a dealer from Central PA who was telling me the cars would go for $60,000.00 at least. And why not? If you were a Ford dealer who's been suffering through all the discounts and force fed inventory, wouldn't you try and make a little extra on a car that customers will fight over and you're only getting one of? Sure the MSRP will be around $45k, but don't expect to buy one for anywhere near that price. This despite what SVT reps at Carlisle last year swore wouldn't happen.

In an all too familiar fashion Ford dealers, SVT or otherwise are salivating over the chance to charge outlandish premiums for their alloted GT500. And if a customer complains, tough there's another buyer who will pony up the extra cash. We've seen it with every hot car over the last decade, and especially from abused Ford dealers in recent years. The new Thunderbird, Mustang GT and GT supercar are the most recent examples. And now with E-Bay and other non-traditional sales outlets Dealers are going to squeeze every cent of profit out of these "Hot models" until they cool off like the Thunderbird or supply reaches demand like the Mustang. See for yourself, look in the back of AutoWeek or on E-Bay, there are always ads for GTs and even still the ocassional Mustang GT.

I would wager that we'll see auctions and ads for the GT500s long before one ever hits a dealer's floor. Some dealers may have already made a tentative deal for their allotted unit.

It's a shame, but it's the reality of the business.

UPDATE: E-Bay autctions found at Jalpnik

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