Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reflex & Bronco to be produced?

Interesting article speculating on production of two of my favorite Ford concepts from recent years, the Reflex and Bronco. And I couldn't agree more that the Reflex could be the Scion fighter that many of us are looking for. But I'm not Gen Y, so I don't know how appealing it is to that generation.
And in this article the Bronco is sub $20k, a more reasonable guess than a few months ago when reports had it under $10k. This article doesn't mention what chassis the new Bronco would be based on or what powertrain it would use. But just to remind readers the concept was based on Fiesta mechanicals powered by Ford's DuraTorq 1.4 Diesel.

So in my opinion it would be easiest to build both of these concepts if they are based on variations of the Fiesta platform. As I've pointed out many times there are already several vehicles utilizing Fiesta mechanicals ; Fiesta, Fusion (UK), EcoSport, Bantam/Courier, Ka, Puma and Ikon, with Front or all wheel drive available powered by both Diesel and Petrol motors. With shared mechanical components, the cost to produce comes down, making either or both more likely.

I believe Ford should build a new Flexible Production Facility here in North America to build Fiesta, EcoSport, Bronco and Reflex and avoiding currency fluctuation problems.


Shawn said...

The thing I'm really concerned for Ford is the time it is taking to produce these vehicles.
We all want Reflex...but if you are going to give the Bronco that tough image, it has got to be tough, offroad-able jeep-fighter vehicle.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, Ford is dragging it's heals on this. If you read Igor's comments on this subject and even go to the Mazda3 forums, he seems to have inside sources.

The Bronco built off a Fiesta/EcoSport chassis doesn't necessarilly mean poor offroad performance. I would remind you that the original Jeep designed by American Bantam was built off a micro car. It's not cubic inches that make an off-roader capable, it's gearing and suspension travel. Many Suzuki Samurais were used on tough trails like the Rubicon because of their smaller size and good low end torque. A small Diesel powerplant could offer real off-road capability.

But time will tell.

IH said...


no inside sources.. just a lot of free time reading online.. all public info..

They are taking forever with the B's but I rather have them come to the game late and strong, than try to survive with the like of Aveo..

And BTW .. no one in that article said that Fiesta does not equal Reflex... "sharply styled hatchback" can as well be a Fiesta with Reflex looks on it.... just a food for thought..

and Joe is right on the money about Off Roading and Unibody... it is controversial, but it can be done... people are just nervous because of the value in the "Bronco" name