Friday, May 19, 2006

A snapshot of how Ford is doing in Europe, especially with smaller cars

It depresses me to talk about how bad Ford is doing in the North American market, so when I find an article that discusses Ford doing well it lifts my spirits a little. OK, so it's Europe and emerging markets like Russia and Turkey, but it's still good news involving Ford.

Ford makes a great range of world class cars, like the Fusion MPV available in Europe, the Fiesta and the C-1 Focus. These are competative class leading vehicles. How often do you hear that about a Ford? Outside the US constantly.


Joel A said...

I know. At first I felt a little disheartened but then reminded myself that, for good or ill, Ford's now an international business and is focusing as such. The U.S. is tough and the home teams has some major disads (i.e., legacy costs, unions, rep, etc.) Still, sales on the Fusion and its siblings are doing well while the Five Hundred and Montego are quietly selling more each day.

Big Ford Fan said...

Joel, Ford has been an "International" business almost since the begining, having plants and selling in overseas markets since 1913. You are right that the US market is unique, but it seems cyclical that every few years small cars come back into fashion, everytime there is a fuel "crisis" or cost increase.
Ford has responded to these market shifts in the past, and needs to now.