Monday, May 22, 2006

SVT Fusion and Edge? Autoblog link to Wards article

Maybe the obituary for Ford's SVT was premature, maybe this is just hopefull speculation. But AutoBlog links to a Ward's Auto article discussing the possability that Ford would produce SVT versions of the Fusion and Edge. Even before the Fusion hit dealer lots, there was speculation, optomisim and hope that Ford would do an SVT Fusion. And why not, Ford has experience with the Taurus SHO and SVT Contour.
And the Edge shares DNA with the Fusion, so an SVT version would be a natural. But how do you improve on the Edge's 3.5L DOHC V6 putting out 265 hp? Sure the Fusion has "only" 221 hp from it's current top engine, the 3.0L V6 with Mazda tune.
So do you go the MazdaSpeed6 route? 274hp 280 lb ft of torque, all wheel drive, 6 speed manual? The power is superior to the 3.5, even if just by 10 hp. But will the all wheel drive and 6 speed manual make it to the Fusion? I know Ford plans an AWD option on almost all it's vehicles in coming years, but the MazdaSpeed system ? Since the Fusion is based on Mazda6's platform, it's possible.

But what about the 3.5? As I read on Jeff Fisher's blog and elsewhere, it's been designed with Direct Fuel Injection and Turbo Charging in mind. Could we see a real asphalt burner based on the 3.5? If the production engine is slated to put out 265hp, how much more could we expect from a turbo with direct injection? 365 hp??

What do you think? Would Ford dare put a V6 more powerfull than a Mustang GT's V8 in the Edge or Fusion? Hell, here's a better question, how much longer can Ford get away with only 300 hp in the Mustang?

I think Ford doesn't have the spine to give real power, they'll do a body kit and big wheels. Maybe some power, but not enough to challenge the Mustang, too bad.


Anonymous said...

well i think ford would go the v6 w/ awd route for the fusion b/c the reason that mazda couldn't do awd w/ a v6 in the mazda 6 is b/c of the special v6 console design...(i got this information from a wards autoworld article on the mazdaspeed 6 a while ago) but i belive ford designed the fusion to be able to have awd w/ the v6 as they are putting that in the lincoln zephyr/mkz (stupid name, it should be mark z, not em kay zed but thats beside the point)

and i think they could do a v6 w/ 6 speed manual,

also...the mustang needs to get 4 valves per cylinder (the intech 4.6L 32 valve v8 from the mark 8 in lsc tune made 320 hp...) so ford needs to have the mustang make atleast that either by variable valve timing or four valves per cylinder, or boring it out for more displacement or something


Racedriven said...

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Thought you might like to know
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BTW: Ford adding AWD to compete with Subaru? sounds great, hopefully they make those vehicles in both AWD and FWD versions.

Imagine: an SVT Fusion with AWD and a V-6 engine, its a rally car...

Big Ford Fan said...

NSC, thanks for commenting, I'm not as familiar with the V6 situation of the Mazda6, so I'll have to differ to you on that. As for more power from the 4.6, it's something that is really necessary and would be easy for Ford. The 3 valve V8 in the Mustang is less expensive to produce than the 4V version, but 300 hp is too little for a "Muscle Car"

Brian, I've seen the Kinja Car and other Blog listing rating services like BlogShares before. Thanks for the tip though. I've been in contact with the site owner and his explination is on AutoBloggers.

Ford will of course offer FWD as the base setup, AWD will be optional on Fusion/Milan/MKZ (Zephyr) 500/Montego Edge and others. I wonder if it will migrate to Mazda6 ?

I wonder what the Fusion SVT will be, they have options, it's a wait and see situation.

IH said...

SVT was almost killed.. but Ford reversed itself.. However, not completely, because htey didn't say Edge and Fusion will have SVT denomination. just that FRP/SVT will design them... wich goes in line with the previous assumption of SVT for Stang and Truck (V8 projects) and something like ST for others.

Finally.. the most exciting part about the SVT Fusion announcement is that on , the MKS survey has a 350HP TWIN TURBO V6 listed as an engine option.

The immediate assumption is that this is the D35 with TT on it, but someone on BOF recently mentioned that is might be the new European 3.2l I6, Volvo just released.

350HP AWD Fusion does not sound half bad to me ;)