Saturday, May 13, 2006

Car and Driver's spoof article a little late for April Fool's day, but still interesting

In the June issue of Car and Driver, John Philips wrote a spoof review of the fictional Ford Futura Sprint GTA wagon. And right from the start I have to say that I knew how to photoshop like these guys. They've done an excellent job of creating a Fusion wagon from a Mazda6 SportWagon. Now sure they did this as a joke, and a little late for April Fool's Day, but it was an interesting read none the less. The article is linked in the title field for you to read.
But aside from the humor, it's a great oportunity to see what a Fusion/Milan wagon may look like. Sure you have to ignore the driver's side rear suicide door, and the passenger side lack of a rear door, as well as the exhaust tip exiting from the quarter panel. But I hope Ford has taken a look at this article, with a thick skin, because behind the barbs in Philip's article is a chance to see what kind of buzz will be generated by this article.

I had noticed that AutoBlog had a short piece on the article, and if I check I'm sure I'll find that Jalopnik has made sport of it, but will there be others like myself that see the potential? Will Ford be able to look beyond the humor and recognize the potential?

I've been saying for quite a while, and I know there are others that feel the way I do, that Ford should introduce a wagon version of the Fusion/Milan. Also I've got to get on MY computer and learn PhotoShop, so I can do cool stuff like this.


Anonymous said...


Ford considered a wagon version of the Fusion early in the development, but management decided that there was not enough of a business case for it, so they didn't develop it.

Big Ford Fan said...

Well that's Ford management for you. Obviously they aren't willing to take any chances. And that's exactly what's going to be their downfall.

I've said it before, a wagon version of the Milan would be a good risk.