Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ford S-Max review from UK. When was the last time you heard the word "dynamic" about a minivan?

I found this review of Ford's S-Max people mover on the UK website Auto Express, and it just makes you think. If Ford can make such compitent vehicles in Europe, why can't they do this in the US? As Ford sidesteps out of the US mini van market in the near future, they build 3 different sucessful models for Europe.

Read the review and ask yourself when the last time you read "Dynamic" about a Ford product? Why are the best Fords either overseas or "partner" product? Why am I driving a Mazda instead of a Ford?


Joel A said...

Costs. It all boils down to money. Automakers know Europeans have different wants than the average American. Thus Ford channels resources for its European models towards what American enthusiasts consider important.

This would make a good post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Both FORD S-Max and Galaxy vans will be in Belgian showrooms in the week of June 6th 2006 ...
Both vehicles are also build at the Ford GENK plant in the north of Belgium !

Anonymous said...

I had a look around one in my local dealership in Warwickshire, UK. IT looks the business from all angles. Quality and fit is superb and it it looks ultracool in pearlescent black. I own a BMW 5-series Sport Touring - apparently I fit the profile of the tarket buyer for this vehicle. Practical and exciting? I will reserve judgement until I get to test drive it.

Deki said...

I, have drove it, and it felt astonishing sporty, driving like a small city car, with very good road grip/positioning. Itis balanced, (even when i turned off ESP, it didnt udersteer, it slided through corners like hot knife through butter) spacy, not expensive.... conclusion... I ordered one...:)

BTW, european division of Ford is somehow independent, exept money it has little to do with american division. (apropos quality USA vs Erope).

Recomended by all means!