Thursday, May 25, 2006

Turbo Diesel V-8 for Range Rover from Ford, what other applications could you see?

So I was reading this piece on Ford's new Turbo Diesel V-8, that's destined for the Range Rover and was thinking what else could Ford use this in? Well of course there's Jaguar, but what US models could it be used in? With 240 hp and 420 lb ft of torque and achieving 25 mpg, it could be put in the Panther triplets Crown Vi/Grand Marquis/Town Car. But since those models are being left to die on the vine, it's not bloody likely.

And then in a moment of clarity, I thought trucks! The Expedition and F-150 could use a Diesel option, and not the PowerStroke from the SuperDuty trucks. How cool would that be? A Turbo Diesel V-8 with a ton of available power and better fuel economy in Ford's bread and butter light trucks. Read the article linked in the title and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

that's a great idea, and i think ford can do it as well, but will american auto buyers be turned off by that low displacement figure?, the 5.4L is not an adeqate truck engine it needs much more power, it should put out around 35, 375 horse power, anyways the u.s. will be getting low sulphur diesel next year, don't see how its going to cut dependence on foreign oil that much.


IH said...

That diesel is coming fr the all new 09 F150.... along with the Hydraulic hybrid systems...

in the F150 application the displacement will likely grow to 4.0

Cleveland also as another diesel in the works for F-series and International is to produce another...

Check out BOF for more info