Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I told you it's a Ford

See? I told you it's a Ford. Ok, so I scraped the other letters off, but it really is a Ford. I used a Ford discount and the chassis is a Ford design.
So while to the uninformed it may seem like I turned my back on the Blue Oval, I still bleed true blue, just while humming that stupid Zoom Zoom Zoom song. I need to thank several people for helping with the purchase of my car; Moses, Bob, Randy, Kevin, David, George, Tom and Roger, thanks for making this a fun purchase and relatively painless.

Blogging will still be slow this week, the house isn't back together and my older brother is getting married this week. But I'll try and post when I can. In the mean time, don't forget to check Jalopnik, Cars Cars Cars, The AutoProphet, View Through the Windshield, AutoEratic,TapScott Behind the Wheel, AutoBlog and the others on the sidebar. Those links are there for a reason, they lead to what I consider the best of the automotive blogsphere.


Shawn said...

Joe, sorry to go Off Top on ya, but someone in the Autoweek trucks forum that said he works in a Ford plant just stated that he saw 2 4 door rangers going down the line. If he's right, replacement maybe coming!

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, sorry about taking so long getting back on this. I don't know, Ford has shown no interest in a crew cab Ranger for US market. Maybe those are for export to Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Zoom Zoom