Saturday, May 13, 2006

If journalists and enthusiasts know how to fix Ford, why doesn't FoMoCo?

Another interesting piece in June's issue of Car and Driver is this article about Ford models that could go a long way to saving Ford. It looks to journalists and enthusiasts that the Way Forward includes a sidetrip to Ford's overseas models. The Falcon/Territory range of rear wheel drive vehiclesl from Australia.
The C1 Focus, including the ST hot hatch, from Europe is another no brainer. Hell, if this was available here in the US, it would be in my driveway as I type this.
But Ford has some great concepts from recent years that if they had the cajones to introduce could really bring some interest back to the brand. The Reflex is just one, obviously my favorite.
With all of the new "Hot Hatch" and CUV models coming out, how about the Faction? I tell you what, bring this out with a turbo 4 like Mazda's CX7 and don't forget the manual transmission option.
And how many times have I said the B-Segment Fiesta, and it's derivatives, would go a long way to bring new customers to Ford? Honda Fit my ass, the Fiesta is it's number 1 foe in Europe, one of the few Fords Honda really keeps an eye on, the other being the C1 Focus.

And as Car and Driver says, Ford should take a couple of risks on niche market cars like the Focus Cabriolet Coupe. I know it's in the US as the Volvo C70, but if I were a Ford dealer I would be screaming at Ford management to bring me product like this.

So I ask again, if journalists and enthusiasts can see these oportunities, why can't Ford ?


Joel A said...

"...if journalists and enthusiasts can see these oportunities, why can't Ford ?"

Because they don't directly deal with shareholders, board, union workers, etc. It's one thing to say "let's build better cars"; it's quite another to find the money to do it :(

Big Ford Fan said...

Joel, I don't buy that. DCX finds a way to do it. FoMoCo needs to take some risks like DCX has. It payed off for them and could be just the boost Ford needs.

Playing it safe is what got Ford in the trouble they're in today.

Anonymous said...

also there is the fact that 90% of the public is not an enthusiast, and it is only the small number of people who are enthusiasts (like me) who are vocal.


Big Ford Fan said...

AGH, this is the time for enthusiasts to be vocal. Especially if they want to have their say on Ford and other domestics like GM and DCX.