Saturday, May 13, 2006

Motor Trend's Mustang/Camaro comparison

I'm sure most of you are already finished reading Motor Trend's virtual comparison of the Mustang and Camaro. I guess it was a slow news day over there. I guess the month or so lead time on most magazine articles is the reason they had the wrong horsepower rating for the GT500. But it really doesn't matter, after all they based most of the Camaro's data on guesstimates.

Before anyone points out that this is not the right photo for the concept, I know that, I just like this better than the one they built. It's no surprise that the Camaro Concept cleaned the Mustang's clock, even the non existant Boss Mustang with it's 5.4 L V8, even on a simulator FoMoCo doesn't want to give customers the factory muscle, leaving that to the aftermarket.

I know it's just mental masurbation on Motor Trend's part, but interesting read anyway, and really when was the last time I said that about something they wrote. I didn't link to their site, because I'm not registered.

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