Saturday, May 13, 2006

Reflex fix, yeah I'm sure you're getting tired of it, but I'm not

I just have to get my Reflex fix, I know it's been months since the concept was revieled and it's been featured in many magazines and web sites, but I just don't want this to die like so many good concepts.

How many of you think the Reflex would sell in the US? What changes would you suggest from the concept? How about some reader feedback here. What powertrain, drivetrain layout, options do you want to see? You never know, maybe Ford will read this.


Racedriven said...

I don't know what the specs are?

I wish for:
Ford's All wheel drive, 4 seater, 4cyl. or V-6 or a Diesel engine, automatic transmission and the interier room of a Scion xB. (A Scion xB is what I fit nicely in.)

The concept looks good...

See Yeah!

Shawn said...

My request: Keep it SIMPLE!

I don't want the added complicity of an AWD nor the added weight of a V6. Maybe offer a turbo version for those who wants more power. (Maybe SVT?)

The interior must be well designed. 2 seater plus folded jump seats in the back. (It's unrealistic to think any person would want to spend any amount of time back there).

Big Ford Fan said...

Brian, I'm sorry I thought I had put the specs up in the past. The Reflex concept has a 1.4L DuraTorq Diesel I4 with Hybrid electric drive giving the car all wheel drive. It's based on modified Fiesta chassis.

Shawn, the concepts 2+1 seating, meaning 2 front seats with a single rear seat suitable for one adult or two children is foolish. I would prefer a 2 seater with a more livable interior.

While the Reflex is really a showcase for possible technologies in the case of it's Deisel Hybrid drivetrain and solar panels, and for "innovative" interiors made from recycled sneaker materials. The Reflex could be a great niche model. A sporty little car that if built on a shared platform could give the likes of Mini and Scion a run for their money. Just remember that the Mustang was built on the "lowly" Falcon's chassis.

So it's my dream that the Fiesta and Reflex come to market in the US. The last 2 seater sporty coupe built off the Fiesta platform was the Puma available in Europe.