Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WHY?? Why do this when you have the easiest drop top on the market?

Why? Mazda is going debut this hard top drop top MX5 (Miata) and I just have to ask why? The MX5 is a great little roadster, sure the new GM Soltice/Sky twins will cut into some sales, but the MX5 has the easiest top to operate and a reasonably usable trunk. It's a classic roadster reinvented for the 21st century.


Ben Kraal said...

Apparently, unlike other folding hardtops, the MX-5s doesn't go into the boot/trunk but behind the seats and the boot/trunk space is unchanged over the soft-top version.

Big Ford Fan said...

Ben if that is the case, that it doesn't take up any lugage space, then I may consider it a forward move. I still prefer a soft top. Not that I've ever owned one.

But there are other considerations as well. Weight penalty and increase in price. The MX5 may need more power to compensate for the weight of the top and that would be a great thing to have anyway.

albino said...

It has nothing to do with how easy it is to fold the top. This is a HARD TOP and that's better than a cheap ragtop any day.

Big Ford Fan said...

Albin, welcome new commentor. Well, I can see your point, and after reading more about the new MX5 hard top, my opinion has softened. But to me, a convertible should be a cloth top.

I guess if you're going to drive it all year round a hard top could be acceptable. But I want one, just for the summer when I don't need the top at all. This of course coming from someone who's never owned a convertible.