Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Leave it to Car and Driver to f*ck it up

Like any of the Blue Oval devoted, I'm looking forward to reading all I can about the new Shelby GT500. So imagine how pleased I was when I received a Google Alert containing a link to a Car and Driver piece comparing the new 500 hp Mustang to it's nearest Chevy competitor!
With the last Camaro Z-28s being produced in 2002 and the new concept not yet getting an official green light, it only makes sense to compare the GT500 to a Vette, right?
But why the base Corvette? Don't get me wrong, with 400 hp it's a monster, able to chase down the best from around the world for half the cost.

But the Shelby GT500 has 500 hp and is the top of the line Ford Mustang. It's a beast, we've all been waiting for. The most powerful production Mustang ever built. The "Holy Grail" of Mustangs.
So why does Car and Driver punk out comparing it to the base Vette instead of the Z06? The Z06 is the top dog from GM without any doubt. It's also got 500 hp and the biggest brakes and best suspension GM has ever put under anything. Why wouldn't Car and Driver compare the top dog icons? Because of the Shelby's base price of $41k? Oh God please tell me they aren't that stupid. Just try to get that Shelby for anywhere near that base price. Hell, they aren't even in dealers yet and internet auctions have set the price over $60k, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it get closer to $80k. And read the article, the Shelby starts off with a 10 point advantage over the base Vette because of it's lower price and the fact it has a back seat. What the fuck?
These lop sided tests have got to stop. What's next comparing the Ford GT supercar to a Chevy Aveo? Don't laugh, the way the mainstream auto journalists write up these tests, the Aveo could win because it has a backseat, more cup holders and a lower price.

But 550 hp vs 105 hp doesn't make the blood flow does it.

In just the latest example of how out of touch with reality they are, the Shelby's 10 point advantage is just plain stupid. People won't buy either car because it has a backseat or cupholders, they're going to put up $75 large for tire burning power and slot car handling. The Z06 may just beat the Shelby, God knows it's given every European supercar a run for their money, but who cares. Even as Wall Street gives up on the American Auto Industry, it's heart warming to see these two icons come to market. And if you want to hunt ZO6s, then buy a Ford GT.

What say you? Do you think their comparison is fair or an insult to our inteligence?


Shawn said...

I think this is an apples & oranges comparison in the first place. GT500 is a 2+2, 3,920 lbs muscle car. Vette is 2 seater, 3,179 lbs sports car. Z06 is even lighter.

Joel A. said...

Unfair but effective in hitting the "emotional" heart of the casual reader.

Anonymous said...

they're going on price...if they had compared the zo6 to the shelby gt500 everyone would've complained that they're comparing a 75k car to a 45k car

also, i think people who are going to buy the gt500 aren't going to be swayed by magazine reviews they're buying one cause it strikes an emotional chord within them, and they're drawn to it b/c of that

first time reader...great job on your blog.