Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jalopnik article on Bay Area Police crackdown on Illegal mods?

Now I know it's not Ford related, well not directly, but I found this Jalopnik piece interesting. Bay Area Police in an effort to crackdown on street racing and other automotive hijinx have started to pull over and inspect cars they feel may be illegally modified. I don't know what they mean by Illegally modified, maybe parts that aren't CARB certified or are unsafe like racing slicks.

The article says that they are training officers to identify illegal mods, and Jalopnik talks about one of his friends whose Mitsu Evo was pulled over because of the factory wing.

Again this reminds me of Gary's article at the Garage on street racing
We've all done it, street racing, public displays of horsepower like burnouts or donuts, but when does it go too far. Read Gary's article and Jalopnik's piece.

I know I've done some stupid things in my youth, some I stil brag about today, how about you? What's the craziest thing you've done behind the wheel?


the garage guy said...

we've all done something stupid. i guess the worst for me was losing the front end in my buddie's mom's first gen cavalier (or some fwd gm sedan) on a twisty bit on dark & wet evening down near the harbour. i had been autocrossing a rwd fiat & hadn't learned the skills needed to push a fwd car. the telephone pole won & we were a couple of very lucky morons!

Anonymous said...

Stupid and follish , Hmmm let me think.

driving in the Nevada desert at 110 mph with a car fender tied to the roof. sand blasting for Dummies.

trying to out run an Ohio State Trooper on a flat interstae with no exits for 37 miles. again at 110 mph with same fender on roof.

driving from Sandiego CA to westchester county NY , Via TJ Mexico-Green river UT-Las Vegas NV-
Colorado Springs CO-Kansas City KS-Chicago IL-Canadain Niagra Falls-
Home. with to friends in a 1971 Olds Cutlas with fender for 1970 tied to roof.

Stupid Foolish , Youth.

Joe Up for a Road trip ?