Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mike the MercuryGuy has pics of the Wankel powered Mustang and his nice Montego MX

Mike the MercuryGuy has posted the pics of the Curtis Wankel powered Mustang on his blog.
And he's posted photos of his prized 69 Montego MX coupe.

I love these cars, my Dad had a red one for a few years. Out of all the cars anyone has owned in my family, it's always been my favorite. These rare Mercury Coupes, Convertibles and Sedans were made only for two years and share no body panels with a Lincoln or Ford.

Click on the link in the title to see the Mustang and then click home to see his Montego.

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mercuryguy said...

Hi again, and thanks for the kind words and link to my blog. Just a quick note before someone else comments on it... The Montego did share it's roof, glass, and door panels with the Fairlane. And for those interested in the Wankel Mustang pics, the pics that I posted are from the Museum I mentioned in and earlier reply here. They show the Mustang as it is now, well as of about 3-4 weeks ago.