Monday, June 12, 2006

What could this mean? Is there hope for RWD Lincoln?

Now, it's not a big piece, the second one down on the page, but Chicago is reporting that a second Lincoln sedan that had been planned to be built in Chicago along the new MKS and it's lesser 500/Montego bretheren, has been canceled. This stretched MKS had been rumored to be the AWD replacement for the Panther based Town Car.
So now if we read into this with optimism in our hearts, could we guestimate that FoMoCo has come to their senses? Could we fantasize about a new Town Car built on either a stretched LS chassis or the Australian Falcon? With every other luxury or near luxury brand moving or staying with RWD, could Lincoln be changing course away from the iceberg that is AWD? I hope so.


IH said...

well in the "pre-build" your MKS survey that recently disappeaed fro mthe lincoln website, there was a question whether people would prefer : FWD, FWD-based AWD, ful ltime AWD, RWD or RWD based AWD..

ALso there were 3 engine choices: 3.5l V6, 4.6l V8 and Twin Turbo 350Hp V6


Joel A said...

Replied to your post: