Monday, June 26, 2006

MyFordDreams slowing down, sorry...

Some of you may be wondering why things have gotten so slow around here. Well, I'm nothing if not full of excuses. First my business gets very busy during the summer months, so it's not unusual for blogging to slow down. This week, I'm on the night shift, working 12 hour shifts as well.
Combine that with my feeble attempt to quit smoking and I've got no energy or enthusiasm for much.
Now this is not me, but it refelcts how I feel when near a computer.
So I'll leave you with this hit and run post, with the link in title to AutoBlog's recent article on Ford greenlighting the Fairlane Concept MPV. Ford can't cut it in the Mini-Van market, so their trying to shore up there position with this Crossover MPV based on 500/FreeStyle chassis.
Now when Mark Fields talked a few months ago about Ford's "Bold Moves" he stood between clay models of the Fairlane and Reflex concepts, so the eternal optimist in me hopes that eventually we'll hear the Reflex has received a green light as well.

See? Even as cranky and lazy as I am, I was able to get my Reflex fix!

I know the Reflex won't be "The Car" that saves Ford, but it could be one of the steps in the right direction.


Joel A said...

Is it me or does the Fairlane and the Toyota FJ Cruiser look similar?

Shawn said...

Minivan market is drying off anyway. While it is more useful than an SUV...I think most people are going with small SUVs or CUVs now.

I think Ford will do well with Fairlane...but please change that Fairlane name!

I think the new 3.5 is going to help a lot. The products are coming out very slowly, but I think they are doing the right thing making sure everything is good quality before it is released.

Okay Joe, I'm an ex-smoker. It's been 2 years since my last cig. I wish you the best.

Mint & gum really helped during the 1st stage with the craving. The 2nd stage is when you feel like you've kicked it and home free. Final stage is when you feel like you can have a cig and not smoke again because you haven't smoked in weeks or months. This is when most smokers fail. Just remember you can never touch another cig again.

Good luck.

Big Ford Fan said...

Joel, it's not just you. I wonder who started saying it looked like a Mini on steroids, probably a Ford marketing guy. But the white roof and general shape and proportion are closer to a wimpy FJ Cruiser.

Shawn, the Mini Van market will shrink, but isn't it sad that Ford never ever got it right? The Aerostar was crap, then the Windstar became so bad they had to change the name to Freestart, and hope people would think it was someting new.

CUVs and small SUVs are going to be a big part of the market that's for sure, and luckily Ford has some promissing products. That 3.5 DOHC V6 is long overdue, but the 265 hp will make up for some of that.

Thanks for the tips on quitting, unfortunately I had been at stage 2 and for some stupid reason decided to sneak a smoke for old times sake. So it's starting from square one. I had actually quit for 5 years and started again.

I've also tried the gum and cough drops routine, works somewhat. I just don't want to go for the "patch" or hypnosis. I'll kick it eventually, but combine that agrivation with the change in my schedule and I'm just a cranky lazy guy.

Chuck Smith said...

I am also wishing, waiting and hoping for the Ford Reflex to go into production.