Wednesday, June 21, 2006

AutoBlog article on Ford's failings with the Focus

Another interesting piece I neglected to post on earlier, AutoBlog had discussed Ford's Failing with the Focus. The biggest was not bringing the C-1 platform here.


Joel A said...

I've read an article that union contracts could be preventing the domestic from importing vehicles from non-union factories.

another Ford fan said...

Why the heck would I want to buy an imported Ford instead of an American car? I might as well buy a made in Ohio Honda instead!

Big Ford Fan said...

Joel, I'm not sure if that makes sense? The Fusion/Milan/MarkZ are built in Mexico. And besides with NAFTA are they considered imports if they come from Mexico?

I'm not saying the C1 Focus should be imported, just the design. They should re-tool the existing plants and build the C1 here.

AnotherFordFan, well like I said to Joel, I'm not saying you should buy a Focus that's been imported. I'm actually thinking they should build it here.

But I'm not going to throw stones, I bought a Mazda built in Hiroshima, because Ford wouldn't build the C1 Focus here.