Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can anyone help Chris? A reader with a Kenny Brown Crown Victoria

A reader has a question somebody out there may be able to help with.
Chris is the lucky owner of a Kenny Brown Panther Crown Victoria.
I'll add the e-mail here;
Hello Joe I'm Chris from Weymouth MA , I own the 2001 Crown Vic Kenny Brown Panther you added to your website. Do you know where I can find info about my car that would be helpful to me ? I need rear wheel bearings and seals and the stock ones don't work , Kenny Brown was the last owner of my car so I know no one else changed anything , and his website is closed due to his illness . Any thing would help thanks a lot, Chris

So, can anyone help Chris? I wish I remembered when I posted on this car, but I just posted a generic Panther photo I found online. "Generic" if anything could not be called generic, this is it.

Good luck Chris.


Joel said...

Chris, post your request over at the forums. I know there are techie guys on the boards who may be able to refer you to the right sites.

ThatDudeMike said...

Chris - I am an SAE parts secialist and can help you find the correct replacement parts. Feel free to email me: txmike at gmail com

Joe - I've been going through another one of my internet lulls - another of your faithful readers is back!