Thursday, June 29, 2006

My friend is selling his Expedition on Craig's List

A very good friend of mine is selling his Epedition on Craigs List, to escape the high price of gas. Now that his oldest is off to college they no longer need the Family Truckster. So as a good friend is apt to do, I've prostituting myself by posting a link to his ad above.
Mike hopes to unload the Expedition and get into something a little more economical. He keeps talking about the Mazda CX-7, but he still has enough chicks in the nest to make the new Ford Edge a better choice.

I know you're all ashamed of me for the shameless post, but things have been slow for me. I've known Mike for 20 years and nobody takes better care of their vehicles than him. And being the gearhead he is, of course there's a K&N intake and Tokico shocks ( in an Expedition?)

If you're in Metro NY area and looking for such a vehicle, check it out.

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Joel A said...

Joe, there's a "For Sale" section over at

May want to post Mike's vehicle there as well.