Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mazda training South African Police to Zoom Zoom after the bad guys

South African police just bought 280 Mazda 6 sedans for patrol duty and Mazda is offering driver training as part of the package. Read the article in the title link. Now I know the picture here is an older model Mazda but technical problems are preventing me from posting the pic I wanted.
And I was wondering how Mazda beat FoMoCo out of the sale. I know most of us in the States are used to seeing Ford police cruisers, but Ford fills the same roll in other markets with different models. Models that sell in South Africa.
These two Ford Mondeo police cars from Europe would be comparable in size and performance to the Mazda6 and would be a familiar site to people world wide.
Even Mondeo wagons see civil service around the world. And with the Diesel option would be quite frugal too.

And of course there's the modern Mad Max alternative, the Australian Ford Falcon. This one is the XR6 Turbo. The Falcon is exported to South Africa already.

I'm not saying the Mazdas won't serve them well, it's just that from an American perspective they seem like an odd choice. I wonder if the South African police will be humming that Zoom-Zoom-Zoom song?

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