Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pimp My Ride at a Ford dealership?

Yet again, I'm playing catch up, but that's what I get for going away on vacation. Apparently Pimp My Ride is moving out of West Coast Customs and taking up residence at Galpin Ford, Southern California's largest volume Ford dealer.
And some of this will not be new to Galpin, who the USA Today article give partial credit for starting the 70's Custom Van craze.
And since vans aren't cool anymore, they've been customizing pickups too. I have to admit Pimp My Ride is one of my guilty pleasures, a show that I watch on a lazy weekend. So I'm looking forward to the season and will be interested in how Galpin performs.


Dotty Gale said...

Maybe you need to Unpimp Your Auto


ford4ever said...

I suppose now there won't be more stupid episodes like the Escort they "pimped" by junking it and buying the kid a brand new Scion.

Big Ford Fan said...

Dotty, I'm not the pimped ride type as you know. This new Mazda is actually only the second I've owned with a factory spoiler, the last was my Taurus SHO. I like my cars to blend in, that's why I never buy bright red like your GTO.

Ford4Ever, welcome new commentor. I remember seeing that one and being really pissed. The whole idea of the show is to fix the old beater of a deserving person, not paint and spoiler a brand new car. But you're right, I'm sure the producers would think twice about junking a Ford now.