Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ford going to be left out of RWD revival? Push to AWD may be unwise.

AutoBlog has a story about GM considering a Rear Wheel Drive Impala. They have the new Zeta platform being developed in Australia that it could be based on.

And while I know the Crown Victoria and it's siblings are rear wheel drive, they're scheduled to be killed and replaced with front/all wheel drive versions based on stretched 500/Montego chassis.

With all the development in the area of traction and stability control rear wheel drive is making a comeback. Just look at the sucess of Chrysler's 300/Magnum/Charger . I've read recently that Pontiac and now Chevy may get rear wheel drive sedans. Can Ford afford to ignore this trend? They seem to be convinced that AWD will be the answer.

I'm not sure that RWD will be the mass market hit, but I feel that Ford can and should take advantage of existing platforms to be in this segment. There is the Australian Ford Falcon or the American Lincoln LS that could be tapped for the job, and both have IRS for good handling and ride. So why does Ford want to be Subaru? AWD makes a great option for some of the model lineup, but everything?

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