Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Woman Motorist reviews MazdaSpeed 6

I'm actually less interested in their review than in the fact that it's a site that reveiws vehicles for women. The Internet allows for every market to be served, so why not women? After all there is already a web site devoted to the LGBT Community called Gay Wheels,

I also like the comments on the review from the Speed 6 owner, who just couldn't resist correcting every incorrect point. If they're going to review cars on the site, they should do their best to get it right.

So if you are a woman or know one ( and everyone does ) go on over and check Woman Motorist (link in title) then spread the word.

I've become so jaded by professional auto reviews that I consider them valueless, but luckily for the main stream automotive press and the bumper crop of specialty web sites, there is still an audience.


Joel A said...

Here's another site for you:

Big Ford Fan said...

Joel, thanks for the tip.