Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh Billy Boy, Hyundai has a wake up call for you!

Bill Ford you DUMBASS!!! You've let the Panther platform waste away, and now Town Car production is going to end just as Chrysler is set to introduce a long wheelbase version of their 300! Rear wheel drive is what the market is calling for and you're going to replace the Town Car with an all wheel drive version of the 500? With Chrysler's sucess with 300/Magnum/Charger and GM's rumored return to rear wheel drive, Ford is not going to bring a new rear wheel drive platform to the US market? What about the 2 good rear wheel drive platforms you have? The Lincoln LS and Ford Australia Falcon!

What about the fact that even Hyundai is set to bring a rear wheel drive V8 sedan to the US market? Click the link in title to read AutoBlog story on the Hyundai Equs. The gloves have to come off, time to call a DUMBASS a DUMBASS! Get with the times. It's time to start kicking some butt in Dearborn Bill. You've had since 1979 to come up with a replacement for the Panther, do it! At this point I don't care if you stretch the Mustang chassis as every pundit and enthusiast has been saying, do what ever you have to in order to get the job done. The LS Chassis is better and the Falcon chassis is great, nobody wants FoMoCo to be the new Subaru!

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