Monday, July 24, 2006

What may be the hardest Mustang to get this year?

Aside from the SVT Shelby GT 500 Mustang, what may be the most difficult Mustang to find this year? Maybe the GT/CS special edition if it ever gets to market? How about a Manual shift Mustang GT?
Is FoMoCo shorting supplies of manual transmission Mustang GTs? If so why? I got an email today from my older brother, who is searching for a Mustang GT with the standard shift. And he can't find one on any dealer lot in our tri-state area. I had noticed this myself when looking at inventories online earlier in the year. Here is part of that e-mail;

I am sending you this email to see if you can give me a reasonable answer, besides "supply and demand", why 5 speed Mustang GT's are so hard to come by more than two years into the car's run. I suffered through the nonsense that there was a problem with the supplier, but all I see is one of two things; either Ford is trying to reduce warranty claims by selling cars that have the electronics to save engines before they are damaged by overzealous shifters or they are incredibly stupid and giving the majority of the manual cars to Saleen, Roush and Steeda and friends first and saving whatever trickles out for dealers to sell at full sticker or over by milking long loyal Ford customers. I have looked for a Red GT convertible with a manual transmission for the last several months to no avail. As you know, I purchased two other manual GTs and had no problem finding either vehicle in stock and for a discounted price. The closest I could find was a Red Roush convertible with a 5 speed that did not have a suspension package or performance package, it was just a bodykit and tacky interior with Roush signatures for 43K..... I would appreciate an honest answer about what Ford is doing or has done to return purchasing a GT Mustang with a 5 speed to a simple trip to you local dealer and some fair bargaining.

So, is Ford keeping GTs with Manual transmissions scarce for any reason that you've heard? Could it be a regional thing? I've yet to see a Mustang with a Manual transmission, never mind a GT. What's the deal? I believe it's a combination of stupidity on the manufacturer and dealers.

Feedback from Mustang fans around the nation would be appreciated.


Shawn said...

Joe, I found several 2007 Mustang GT manual 5 speed in my local dealer's lot. Salerno Duane Ford, Summit, NJ 07901.

FytnIrsh said...

I am Joe's older brother that wrote him the original email. I am glad that you found several '07 manual GT's on your dealer lot, but did you ask the dealer how much he would discount the vehicle? Did you also notice that they were '07's? Where have the manuals been for the last two years? I have also recently found a couple of stick ragtops, but all were silver or graphite and none were red. Also, none were discounted. Manuals were the norm, I remember when an automatic was the rarity, no one would buy them. Now, they are the exception and considered a hot commodity by dealers. This continued milking of the loyal Mustang buyer is quickly turning this LONG TIME FORD GUY AWAY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well...i've seen loads of manual GT's in the suburbs of detroit, and you could always just order the car you want from the dealer instead of buying one off of the lot...