Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey here's an idea on how to turn around that corporate frown, BUILD THESE!!

Hey Bill! Want to get happy again? Why not build some exciting cars? I mean it's not as if you guys don't have some dynamite ideas. Ford has had some of the most ineresting concepts over the last few years, some real head turners. Like the Reflex! And everyone knows I love Ford, but lets face it the current line up is boring and uninspiring ( Mustang excluded.)
What about this? The Iosis which was praised globally and will be the inspiration for future European Ford styling. While we get "Dave" everyone else gets "Kinetic." What a snore, wake up Bill ditch Dave, and give us some style!
Hey, you want something to compete with Scion, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and all the others? How about putting the Focus platform under the Faction and getting some of that "youth" market?
Want to take advantage of the trailing edge of the "retro" craze ? Bring out the Bronco! People were six deep around this at the New York Auto Show. It's a no brainer according to every enthusiast. Just look at Mini and the new Toyota FJ Cruiser!

And don't forget my Reflex!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joel A said...

Beautiful vehicles. Ford's wondering, though, if it'll make money on them. THAT'S what's holding it back :(