Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Boss is back to quiet those pesky GTO guys!

Long rummored and now AutoBlog reports on the return of the Boss Mustang. I had read months ago and they seem to support this, is that Ford will produce a 5.0 version of the Mod V-8 making 390 naturally aspirated horsepower. Sure it's a few ponies short of the GTO and Charger SRT8, but the Mustang's lighter weight should give it the stop light advantage.

Ford has been selling a crate version of the 5.0 "Cammer" motor for about a year now and it's the powerplant used by racing teams. 5.0 is close to the 302 ci displacement of the original Boss Mustang from 69-70.

The Boss will fit nicely between the "Base" Mustang GT and the SVT Shelby GT500 in both price and performance. I'm sure they'll be limited production units and as hard to find as the Shelbys. And you know that dealers will charge a hefty premium too.

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