Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hillary should stay with what she knows, I don't know what that is, but it's not driving...

I know I'm playing catch up here, but Mark Tapscott posted on this last week. Hillary Clinton ( not a fan here) and others are suggesting a return to the dreaded double nickle speed limit! For years special interest groups told us speed kills, but were proven wrong. It's not speed that kills it's stupid people and drunks. So now they're saying it will save precious fuel. That by decreasing the speed limit will help the effects of $3+ gallon gasoline.
Now I'm told by friends and associates that Hillary is doing good for New York, and I'm not a political pundit, lack the depth for that. So I'm not here to criticize anything but the return to the 55 mph speed limit. Anyone who has to drive any moderate to long trip knows that 55 mpg doesn't save a drop of gas, it's another myth. Do you want to improve fuel economy on the highway? Make sure your tires are inflated to the propper pressure, clean and wax your car once in a while, and don't mash the pedal smoothly accelerate and if possible use your cruise control. Common sense will save you money at the pump and lives on the highway.
Now I know that some will think that I'm picking on poor Hillary by posting these unflattering pictures, but I'm not it's called a sense of humor, get one.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on your comment that doing 55 doesn't get you better mileage. All our highways up here in the north are 100k/60mph. Now when I'm driving north to go camping or to the cottage I keep my speed to 100k, in my ZX3 I'm about 2500RPM. Now if I do that trip at 110k I sit at 3000RPM. I can get over 600K on 40 liters at 100k but at 110k I get around 500k +/- 30K. although if I am doing short trips, say 10-20min I would like to have the option of doing more than 100k,somwhere around 140k/90mph. In Quebec they post 60kmin/100kmax, now if it was 80kmin/140max, would be nice but I would like to see more policing of lanes, and more discipline from drivers to make this happen.


Big Ford Fan said...

Jeez, you had to go metric on me huh? Ok, maybe it does save a little gas, but not enough to matter to me. I recently took a trip down to Maryland from NYC area and averaged speeds around 65-75 mph and averaged 33mpg in a car rated at 32mph highway. So I guess if I kept it to 55 mph, I might have achieved 34 mpg. Not enough to matter to me. And the boredome of going only 55 mph would have landed me in a ditch anyway.

At 75 mph in 5th gear my 3 was just 3000 rpm. Well at least you didn't try and give me grief about Hillary.

Anonymous said...

GREAT blog!!
I too disagree on the issue of lower speeds and better mileage. Of course it's not the solution but until there is one, it's a good practice. I see the vast majority of cars with only one person at the wheel and no passengers. Conservation on fuel (or just about anything else) is simply not the American Way, and the price will continue to esculate.

As to the the x-first lady and future US 1st female president.

She is one smart but very ugly woman and will prove to be one of the nations most incompetent leaders. But hey, we have very low expectations in this country and competency is not a requirement at most levels of politics or even business. Just look at Ford for a great example of what poor leadership can do.

Dotty Gale said...

Joe, Here's your grief about Hillary: when you go postal on Hillary, that's funny. But to visciously attack her with a lack of facts makes you look like a fool.

All you had to do was Google "graph gas mileage speed" and you would get a link to this government web site:

It shows that on average, gas mileage drops off at around 60 MPH. This is a Government web site so there's a good chance that Hillary had absolutely nothing to do with it since the Republicans control all branches of the Government.

The only evidence that I could find disputing the graph was a person who measured his personal mileage ( similar to you're anecdote here ) and claims that he gets great mileage at 70 MPH.

Unfortunately for us, the Federal government can't set personal speed limits for us and since they have the data, even though its data from the party that brought us the "Weapons of Mass Destruction", I tend to believe them.

So there's two choices offered, 1) stay the course or 2) something should be done. Since you seem to believe with your E85 posts that perhaps 2) something should be done, perhaps you would want to back the person who is suggesting that, well, 2) something should be done.

Maybe write a nice letter to Hillary personally, telling her that you think E85 is the better choice than 55-MPH. After all, your position seems to be closer to Hillary's than not. Certainly posting pictures mocking Hillary isn't going to help your cause.

Not from Hillary, not from me, not even a little.

Big Ford Fan said...

Dotty Gale, well at least that's out of the way. I was wondering if someone would come to poor Hillary's defense.

The post really isn't about her though, I thought it would be funny to poke a little fun.

I've read some articles supporting what she says, and will check the government website that you pointed to. Thank you.

But I'm still strongly against a return to 55 mph. As you know "I can't drive 55!" Wow that hurt, I hate Hagar! But it's true, how many long trips have we taken where we've bumped the century mark safely ?

My union supports Hillary with donations that come out of my paycheck, so I feel I can give here a little jab every now and then.

And I've never worried about looking like a "Fool" it's not as if I'm writing for the New York Times, I'm a guy with a blog, no more.

But I do think that Alternative Fuel Technology is a better answer. Did you read Lieberman's Op Ed piece? What do you think of that?