Friday, July 07, 2006

UK review of Mazda 3, interesting read...

Auto Express from the UK, reviews the freshened Mazda 3 and I was interested to read how they compare it to the Euro Focus which sells 10:1 against the 3. "It’s never been very popular with UK buyers – Ford’s Focus outsold it 10 to one last year – but will this round of updates improve sales for the Japanese maker? Auto Express tested a 1.6-litre diesel to find out. "
" So do the changes transform the Mazda 3? Not really. Our diesel was just as punchy – but also as noisy – as the previous car. Around corners it also feels similar to its predecessor, with a comfortable ride and good agility, but lacking the sharpness of the Focus."

Now when was the last time you read something like that in a US car review about the Focus or any Ford? I drive a 3 on a daily basis, and if the Euro Focus is "sharper" I want it now!


Joel A said...

I agree. Though I find the U.S. versions a bit dated in design, they're not shabby, either. And I've rented a Mazda3 and found it sweet.

Ford, do us all a favor and bring over your Euro cars!

Big Ford Fan said...

The "US" version? Isn't the 3 the same globally? It looks like the same car to me, if you look at pictures and specs. I don't think the Mazda suffers the "US Focus" syndrome.

I'm loving my 3, have owned it now for 2 months and it's a real joy to drive and almost everything feels of quality, that should cost more.

Euro-Ford said...

The Euro Focus Mk II, as attested to by numerous UK publications like Autocar, definitely drives better than a 3. It's ride is comfortable AND handles better than the 3. Of course the 3 is a highly competent drive albeit on the stiff side, but go drive a Euro Focus to see the difference.