Friday, July 07, 2006

SVT Truck talk

I've been reading on AutoBlog, Jalopnik and other sites, that SVT's head honcho is saying they're not dead and that a new truck is in the works. Well they killed the Sport Trac Adrenaline, so what could he mean? Well the short easy answer is another Lightning based on the F150. But a more interesting speculation would be the Lightning Bolt Ranger. Stuffed full of Supercharge Modular V8 and lowered to the ground, it would be a real giant killer.
The concept was built a few years ago, and while not as sophisticated as the Adrenaline it definitely has it's apeal as a brutal force of nature. And how hard could it be for Ford to do? Many factory parts already exist. It could be a real buzz machine, and God knows Ford needs some buzz.
All the Lightning's power in 3/4 scale and weight, would be too much fun.

So what do you think? Adrenaline, Lightning or Lightning Bolt? Which should be Ford's new SVT Truck?

I know the Sport Trac Adrenaline sounds cool with all wheel drive and independant rear suspension, 4 doors and very comfortable interior, but I think I'd put the Bolt in my driveway first and never mind the all wheel drive, I want the tire shredding rear wheel drive.


Shawn said...

SVT Ranger would be so logical that I don't think they will do it. F-150 is their bread and butter, and the Ranger may not exist in a few years.

Can you just imagine a 500 hp supercharged V8 in a Ranger? It would destroy the Ram SRT10.

chalacuna said...

Wow! is this a WORLD WAR for TRUCK? you are right, Ford has always been dominating the Truck category for automobile. they have a good record for it. the management (Ford)is very clever and flexible to catch up and be on top with the competitors and rivals. So we must not be surprised if we might see an odd looking truck on the streets.. from FORD.

Hope to see more posts from this topic.. i like to read and blog about Cars and Fuel.

More power!!

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, you're right they won't do it. Ford doesn't have the stones for real "Bold Moves"

For more on this lightning bolt Ranger check my archives for the link to original article or just do a Google search.

Chalacuna, thanks for reading, I look forward to checking your blog.