Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good luck to Jayson with his upcoming purchase of a Mazda 5 !

A friend of my brother is in the market for a new Family hauler and has decided on the Mazda 5. Good choice! The Mazda 5 which shares DNA with the 3 and CX7 is an innovative wagon/van. The only hints of mini van involved are the sliding rear doors. With three rows of 2 bucket seats each, it's a perfect compromise between wagon and van. With the same 2.3 L I-4 as my Mazda 3 making 160 hp through a 4 speed auto, it won't lag in traffic, but will get reasonable milage if Jayson doesn't put his foot to the floor too often. I myself looked at the 5 before buying the 3 and found it to be a great little hauler. But the 3 suited my needs better.

Good luck ! And give us some feedback on the driving experience if you can.

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Joel A said...

I checked out the Mazda5 last year at a Mazda show. Was surprised just how small yet how roomy it felt (I'm 6' tall.) Would seriously consider it if it had a more powerful engine (lots of hills and traffic here in SoCal) and if I need all that extra room. (I'm primarily a solo driver.)