Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why not? An idea for Mercury

I've asked this question before, but comments from "ThatDudeMike" have me asking again. What about Station Wagons? And more specifically, why can't Ford make a Mercury Milan wagon based on the Mazda6 Sport Wagon? Mercury isn't getting a version of the Edge/MKx/CX9 crossover, and really has no new or interesting models except the Milan. The Mazda6 wagon could be translated in Milan sheetmetal and give Mercury a unique model. And with the upcoming all wheel drive option and stronger 3.5L DOHC V6 may Mercury could have a distinct opportunity. Even though CUVs make sense for a lot of people, wagons still have a place in the market, and besides the Focus wagon, Ford doesn't offer one.

What do you think? It seems like an easy job and you can't injure Mercury's reputation. At this point any buzz on Mercury would be good. But if it's done right, it could be a great chance for Mercury dealers to increase traffic and hopefully sales.


Racedriven said...

The Mercury Milan is basicly the Ford Fusion, but I like the Milan styling better and for that matter, I like most of Mercury styling better than Ford, its like the Chrysler 300C vs. the Dodge Magnium frontend, the 300C has more class to it.

Good Luck, See Yeah!

ThatDudeMike said...

Here, Here!!! I believe Ford could easily and should make a wagon out of the Fusion/Milan/Zeph-er-MKZ! And while the new V6 sounds exciting, why not drop in that Turbo Direct Injection 4 from the MazSpeed6?! While we're on it, how hard could it really be to make a 500 Wagon [Fairlane/Galaxie/Country Squire]?!

Is there such a thing as a MazdaSpeed6 Wagon? Hmm....

Big Ford Fan said...

Brian, you are correct that the Milan and Fusion are platform-mates, and some people will be drawn to one over the other.

But in the bigger picture, Ford and Lincoln are getting new product, and Mercury divisionn is not. Taking the Mazda6 Sport Wagon and building a Milan wagon would be a chance for some buzz about Mercury. A unique model not shared with Ford or Lincoln.

Mike, the opportunity to test a wagon with the Milan nameplate, would give Ford a chance to test the waters. And your point about the MazdaSpeed powerplant is a good one, it's already designed with the intercooler mounted on top of the engine for ease of transplant between the 3-6-CX7 and works with either all wheel or front wheel drive and manual or automatic transmission.

Also, there is a Ford 500 wagon, it's called the FreeStyle. Built on the same platform, it should have been called Country Squire or Ranch Wagon, and avoided the name mix up with FreeStar.

I'm not sure if there is a MazdaSpeed6 Sport Wagon in Japan, but I doubt we'd ever see one in the US.

JD said...

A Colony Park!

I obviously love this idea, since I prefer the Milan and I pretty much dry-hump every wagon I see.

Big Ford Fan said...

JD, reading that comment made me laugh so hard, my Diet Pepsi sprayed all over. Don't get me wrong, I like wagons, but that image is now stuck in my twisted mind.

I don't know why wagons don't sell more, they're actually so much more usefull than SUVs. And there's no parking surcharge, better milage and easier street parking.

I want to see a new Colony Park or Country Squire, with miles of wood paneling. I'm nostalgic for it I guess.

Joel A said...

Excellent idea. However, I think the stylin' should go the European route, offering a BMW or Mercedes-Benz look with the Mazda's near-European handlin'. That, with the American prices, will draw folks who wouldn't be caught dead in a Ford and think Lincoln's for old folks.