Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday drive in a true blue oval classic

On Sunday, I had the chance to take my friend's classic 1969 Thunderbird for a drive, and it was a thrill. What a beauty, looking like the day it left the dealership 37 years ago, and with the power of that 7 Liter big block V8 I was in heaven.
This is a big car, not the biggest I've ever driven, but bigger than my truck. And what a ride, like riding on air. Sure it's a little floaty and the steering just a tad numb, but you stab that right pedal and acceleration is immediate and smooth. On a mixture of two lane sidestreets and multi lane main routes, this was an impressive drive. Sure, you're not going to autocross in it, but I could see driving it across the state, or several states, on vacation or cruising on a Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

can you add a little more info i was thinking of buying one


Dotty Gale said...

It has sequential tail lights :)